Happy Holidays and Happy Solstice!  I wanted to share this blog with you all about holiday stress as I know how stressful the holiday season can be for many of us! Love and Blessings to you all during this time!

Whispers of Nature provides services, education, and sharing  that promote health, wellbeing and healingextending beyond the range of mainstream healthcare.    Susie‘s primary goal in her work is to help you feel better!  She practices NIS (Neurological Integration (NIS) in Anacortes(360-588-9108) Tuesdays-Wednesdays at Fidalgo Island Health Center , and on Lopez Island(360-298-8665 or 360-468-3239) on Thursdays-Fridays.  Call to set up your appointment today. 

NIS is based in neuroscience, and also uses the meridian systems in your body.  Directly addressing underlying causes, at a cellular level,  NIS has positive results for the whole family.  Back, neck and other pain, fatigue, depression, anxiety, stress, sleep, digestion, neurological issues, infection & immune function, and more, are a few of the symptoms or ‘labels’ that can be addressed.

Reconnect your brain and body neurological signals!
Optimize your natural healing ability!
Listen to your body’s innate intelligence and wisdom!

She also offers Reiki sessions on Lopez or through distance.  Reiki is another offering of support and healing that can take you to a deep state of relaxation.  In this state, alpha and theta brain waves are more dominant, which helps bring you to heightened levels of awareness, imagination, creativity, visualization and exceptional insight.  In this deep state of relaxation, deep levels of healing are possible.  Reiki can be in person or through distance Reiki. Susie also teaches Reiki, Level 1 and Level 2. To learn more about Reiki go here or to schedule an appointment go to whispersofnature@gmail.com or call 360-298-8665.

Appointments may be NIS or Reiki or combined, depending on each individual’s wants and needs.

We also offer herbal information locally through presentations and classes, insight through blogs and health, wellbeing and healing through services and visits to our Lopez labyrinth healing garden.  Contact us about offering a presentation or workshop at whispersofnature@gmail.com.

Whispers of Nature also shares education in support of plants which have been used for thousands of years by cultures across the globe.  We have a limited number of products available for sale.  Products are made locally on Lopez Island in small batches.

We open our labyrinth healing garden for folks to visit and walk all weekends during summer and by appointment.  For more info about labyrinths visit our Labyrinth page.  Health and Happiness to You!overheadlabyrinth,2013

Taking care of your body both internally and externally with nature’s finest plants known for eons to benefit specific ailments is a great way to go.  You deserve honesty and loving attention for your wellbeing.  We care and want to share our knowledge and understanding with you.  Contact us at whispersofnature@gmail.com to answer any questions.



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