Whispers of Nature created a seven-circuit, outdoor labyrinth surrounded by a medicinal herb and flower garden to share with you.  We share this labyrinth healing garden space with full intentions of consciousness and pure love.

If you are interested in a specific labyrinth walk experience, contact Susie to facilitate you or your group’s walk.  She is a trained Labyrinth Facilitator by Lauren Artress, founder of Veriditas Organization.

What is a labyrinth?

Labyrinths have been walked by many cultures of the world from the Hopi, Mayans, and Native Americans to Australian Aborigines, Celtics, Greeks, and Cretans to the Christian builders of cathedrals, dating back at least 4500 years.

Sacred Gateways: Labyrinths are known as sacred gateways and have been found in ancient sacred sites worldwide.  They are ancient symbols related to “wholeness”.

Balance, Regeneration, Confirmation: Enhancing our connection with the Divine, the labyrinth works in mysterious and magical ways.  Labyrinths bring balance, regeneration and confirmation that we are of a higher source. Labyrinths have no limits; they are grounded in consciousness.

Passage to Self-discovery: Labyrinths are non-denominational.  People who walk labyrinths are from all walks of life spiritually, philosophically, and religiously. They have historically been connected to one’s pilgrimage or passage to self-discovery.

Have you walked a labyrinth?

Transformation: Spiritual transformation, healing and regeneration for our land and ourselves, fertility, prosperity, humility and solitude are a few intentions of a labyrinth. Walking a labyrinth represents our inward/outward journey, much like the turns and passages of our path through life.  Labyrinths are unique from mazes.There is no magical formula to walking a labyrinth.  Each person has a unique experience.

Follow the single path in and out.  You may use it as a walking meditation, play music, or sing.  Your walk may be joyous, quiet, thoughtful or celebratory.  Choose your intention each time you walk.

Things to Consider:

  • Allow 20-30 minutes for your walk.
  • Walk with an open heart.
  • You may meet others on the path as you walk; simply allow them to pass.  You may wish to pass others if they are not moving at your pace.  Remain in the center as long as you wish, then follow the path out.
  • Some people begin and end their labyrinth walk with a simple ritual, such as a bow, nod, prayer or thought acknowledging the experience.  Others simply enter into their walk.  Do what feels right for you.

Enjoy your experience!  And remember to walk labyrinths often!