Words cannot adequately express my gratitude for Susie.  She has helped heal me and help my body heal itself in so many ways.  It is truly remarkable how much better I feel.  I have had a number of different issues – chronic rash, constant hip flexor pain, grumbly digestive tract, back injury and other nagging issues that made me feel tired.  After spending time with Susie, all of these things have been resolved.  Susie has such a kind, caring and gentle spirit.  I feel much stronger and healthier than I have in years! I am so grateful and blessed!”, BG

Thanks so much for your help today.  I am so impressed with your knowledge and skill.  You have such great compassion, helping others.”, Lopez resident

I heard your workshop was excellent. Next time you teach it I want to take it.”, Lopez Island

I prefer to treat my aliments with products that come from nature and Susie’s tinctures and salves have been an incredible fit for my body over the years.  My favorite products are Nature’s Antibiotic, Yarrow, Dear Friend and Sensuality Salves.  I take Nature’s Antibiotic at the first sign of a cold or infection and it prevents the issue from coming into full bloom; I use Yarrow to calm my strong menstural cramps; Dear Friend is great for my sore muscles after a long bike ride; and I use Sensuality salve for massage, extra lubrication and to turn up the mood because it smells soooo good.  I recently moved from the Willamette Valley to Bend, Oregon where the climate it much drier.  I’m finding the Garderners Salve to be awesome for my dry, sore working hands.  Thank you Susie for creating so many incredible medicines.  Every time I use them I can feel the love you put into the process of making them.” —-   Mara Mueller, Bend, Oregon

The Dear Friend Salve and Bone Healer Tincture drops worked a miracle. I am a tennis fanatic and haven’t been able to play up to my potential since I collapsed on a trail in Sedonna, Arizona, three years ago. My shoulder bothered me years before that.  For the past two weeks I have been playing at the top of my game with very little pain. I never would have believed it possible – and in such an incredibly short time. Thank you! Thank you! ” —-  Phil, Wisconsin

Michele Heller of Lopez Island, WA writes:  “Whispers of Nature products are prepared using integrity and the highest quality ingredients, each is infused with the purest form of love — promoting healing, vitality and harmony.”

I use the Whispers of Nature First Aid Salve for all kinds of things and it is great!  Some of the things I use it for: chapped lips, cracked skin – especially on my rough hands, and on cuts and sores.  I couldn’t live without it.”—–  Liz, Lopez Island, Washington.

Susie Teague is a Being of Light.  She has a deeply caring heart. Her loving vibrations are instilled in every bottle of Whispers of Nature Herbal Preps. Whispers of Nature preparations are top notch. I know- I have tried a number of them  and felt profound healing effects“—-Steve,  Fitness Trainer,   Lopez Island , WA

“My family has been using Dear Friend Salve for at least 5 years. The Dear Friend salve takes away the aches and soreness in our overworked muscles.  Our personal favorites are Dear Friend and First-Aid salves.  In the top draw of our natural medicine cabinet there will always be Whispers of Nature’s healing and wellbeing products.  Keep the products coming!” —-Tom & Linda Lantos, Lopez Island, WA

 I did use your elderberry tincture for the fist time when I was feeling something coming on in conjunction with neti pot, and it kicked it out before it took hold.  I will definitely keep you updated on the next use.   Also it was delicious! Thanks for making your beautiful products.” —-  Kenny

Your First Aid’ balm was amazing.  It totally eliminated the itching on my ankle.  I keep a jar on the shelf in my medicine cabinet and if the itch comes back, I’ll use it!”

—– Jim Ghiglione

When I use your Dear Friend Salve, I feel like my aches and pains are being comfortably held ”—–   Jan

I live in Georgia and purchased the “Silent Wind Chimes” while visiting my sister on Lopez Island several years ago. Because they are made of driftwood and fishing line I am reminded of Puget Sound everyday when I look out my window.  The unique design and clever “silent” feature bring a one-of-a-kind enjoyment.  They are beautifully crafted and are able to stand up to the stiffest winds.  The “Silent Wind Chimes” bring a smile to my heart as I watch them sway in the wind.  They are a peaceful reminder of a very special place.”—– Randy Ball,  Rome, Georgia

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  1. Sally Gaddis says:

    Dear Susie,
    I already mentioned to you (while you were pumping gas at the store) because I couldn’t wait to tell you… The Pain Reliever tincture worked wonders on tendenitis in my arms. I was suffering for 2 weeks with upper arm pain and the Pain Reliever helped within 24 hours. Thank you!

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