activebrainNeurological Integration System (NIS):  Our brains are the gateway to the automatic signaling system in our bodies.  When this signaling breaks down, symptoms show up(pain, inflammation, infection…).  NIS recognizes and corrects these communication links, restoring normal body and cellular function.  To schedule an appointment or for more info please contact Susie at 360-298-8665 or email at  To read more about NIS…

Reiki Practice: Allow yourself an opportunity for gentle hands-on healing experience.  Reiki’s meaning is simple and pure – “universal light.” Reiki is complimentary to NIS, and simply healing on its own in person or non-locally.  More info on: Reiki

overheadlabyrinth,2013Labyrinth Walks: Community Labyrinth Walks are held the third Sunday of every month, all day.  Please call 360-468-0550 or email at if you’re interested in walking another time.

Facilitated Labyrinth Walks: Experience your labyrinth walk with a guide to help you better understand your journey through the pathway to consciousness. More info on: Facilitated Labyrinth Walks

Herbal Consultation: Learn about which plant or herbal medicine might work best for you and your individual circumstance. More info on: Herbal Consultation


Please Contact Whispers of Nature to discuss any of the services and prices at or 360-298-8665.

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