Sensuality Salve

SENSUALITY SALVE – for your heightened sensual pleasure, natural lubricant and massage

100% natural with organic ingredients!

Petroleum-Free and Glycerin-Free

No Preservatives, No Chemicals

Coconut and Olive Oils for smooth glide feeling!

Botanicals for skin softening, healing and relaxing

 About the Creator:  Sensuality Salve is such a friend for you and your partner.  When I first designed this salve it was for my own personal needs.  I am quite particular when it comes to products and will only use all natural, mostly organic.  So I decided to use my skills and expertise to make a product that I felt comfortable using on the most sacred part of my body!!  My husband and I quickly discovered that sensuality salve is absolutely amazing!

About the Product:  The combination of botanicals and oils used to create sensuality salve have antiseptic, skin and tissue mending, skin softening and natural lubrication properties.  Calendula, an antiseptic, supports skin and connective tissues and will mend broken skin. Another botanical ingredient, comfrey, is also a tissue healer.   A property of comfrey is its mucilage effects, which are soft and slippery and can help to protect vaginal mucous membranes.  Lavender, another botanical is mostly known for its antiseptic and relaxing properties.  We currently offer an unscented and scented (with clary sage, sandalwood, patchouli, ylang ylang and geranium).  Another sensuality salve coming soon for anyone interested who may be sensitive to lavender.  To order your sensuality salve now please visit here.

Organic oils of Olive and Coconut are used as well as Sweet Almond and Grapeseed Oils.  Beeswax and Vitamin E oil are the only other ingredients.

CAUTION:  Condoms shouldn’t be used with this product due to oils tendency to degrade latex!

BENEFIT:  Sensuality Salve’s natural oils and botanicals will support your pleasure experiences for a lifetime and act as a healing agent to your body in the process!

The ‘Unscented Sensuality Salve is edible!

Enjoy your sensual pleasure!


Sensuality Salve instantly provides union with you and your sensuality.  It heightens your sexual experience!” – supportive customer for 7 years, WA

I use Sensuality salve for massage, extra lubrication and to turn up the mood because it smells soooo good”  – happy customer in Oregon”

“We want to appreciate all of life’s gifts.  Sensuality Salve from Whispers of Nature’s is a gift we enjoy (emphasis on enjoy), especially when menopause issues challenge. Big smiles from happy people!” – Denise & Tim Clark

Thank you for this amazing product; my partner and I are very satisfied with sensuality salve”, Washington State

What a great salve!  And I love the name ‘Sensuality Salve’!  And the packaging is modest, not too flamboyant.  Great!”, Washington State return customer

We love it so much we bought it for our friends for Christmas gifts this year.  We’re return customers at least 4 or 5 times already”, WA

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