Herbal Products

Whispers of Nature Herbal Products are made using the utmost respect to Mother Nature and with full consciousness for each product in the moment of its creation. Herbs used in these products are grown in our labyrinth healing garden, wild in nature, or from other certified organically grown herb farms. All harvesting and processing herbs are done with great care and admiration for each plant.

Susie was trained as a Certified Modern Herbalist in Salem, Oregon in 1998. She has been gaining knowledge, skills and practicing as an herbalist since that time. She understands the lifelong learning relationship between plants and humans and knows she will never fully know everything there is to know! 

Salves are created using herbs known for their specific healing quality along with the oil base, making an oil infusion. After the herbal oil infusion is decanted the salve is produced. Certified Organic Olive Oil, Sweet Almond and Grapeseed oils, pure essential oils, Vitamin E and beeswax are the only ingredients in these simple, yet effective salves.

Salves & Rubs, 2oz = $13 ea.

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Product Name Product Notes
Dear Friend Aids and relieves muscle/joint aches & pains; Arnica, St. Johns Wort
Gardeners Overall healing of dry gardeners’ skin; Calendula, Comfrey and Lavender
First-Aid Aids in healing of insect bites, cuts, scrapes, rashes; Plantain, Yarrow, Calendula, Comfrey, Lavender
Sensuality Salve Natural lubricant and aphrodisiac. Available scented or unscented; Calendula, Comfrey and Lavender

Lip Balms, 0.15oz tube = $3.50 ea.

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  • Mint
  • Citrus
  • Lavender

Mists are spritzers using harmony water and pure essential oils. Used anytime to enhance your surroundings, accentuate your sense of smell and to feel better in the moment. Enjoy!

Mists, 2oz spray bottle = $8.50 ea.

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  • Mosquito Repellent Mist
  • Energizing Mist 
  • Invigorating Mist
  • Lavender Mist 
  • Tribal Essence Mist

Herbal Tinctures

Tinctures are created alchemically between the herbal plants, certified organic spirits  and water blessed with harmony. Tinctures are either made with Single herbs or in combination of multiple herbs known as Compounds. Each herb can be used for more than one purpose…the notes below represent one of many uses.st-johns-wort-flowers1

Until June 2016, we offered herbal tinctures to the public. Unfortunately, the FDA regulations do not appear to support small, family business.  Requirements of dietary supplements are numerous, including third-party lab testing of each plant(unless purchased from an approved source with a Certification of Assurance), and finished product.  Our labyrinth-grown or wild-crafted plants do not meet those criteria and we do not have the capacity for ongoing third-party laboratory testing of plants and each tincture.  We apologize for this unexpected situation.  If you have questions or interest in learning more please let us know.

Plants have been used for thousands of years by cultures, traditions, peoples, etc… across the globe without laboratory testing.  The information below is a short description of only one or two properties of the multiple properties of each plant.  The list of tinctures that we used to sell to the public are shown, but now this information is for educational purposes only and do not intend to make any claims but in fact the information can be found in numerous resources in books, schools, online and from varying oral traditions across the globe.  

Single Herbs

*  Child-friendly (others may also be, but talk with professionals before using with young ones)

Product Name Product Notes
Anise Hyssop* Digestive Aid
Black Cohosh Hormonal & Women’s Support
Calendula Skin & Internal organ Support
California Poppy Mild pain & Insomnia Support
Catnip* Calming & Digestive Support
Chasteberry (Vitex) Hormonal Support
Cornsilk Urinary Tract Support
Echinacea* First line of Defense, Anti-microbial
Elderberry* First stages of cold & flu, fevers
Eyebright Eye & Blood Support
Feverfew Migraine Support
Hawthorn Heart Strengthener & Tonic
Horehound Throat & Lung Support
Lemon Balm* Calming & Melancholy Support
Milk Thistle Liver Support & Cleansing
Nettle* Nourishing, Natural anti-histamine
Passion Flower Nerve Support
Pau D’arco Anti-viral, Blood Purifier
St. John’s Wort Mood & Nerve Support
Self-heal Anti-septic, Anti-viral
Usnea Supporter of infections
Valerian* Sleep & Nerve Aid
Yarrow* Fevers & colds; Menstrual cramps

Compounds – these were available until June 2016.  Another FDA regulation states that dietary supplements may not make claims for health.  The information we are sharing is only for educational purposes.  We are not making any claims here.  The herbs below are known from a variety of sources in schools, books, oral tradition from all around the globe, and on the internet to help support our physical bodies in these ways.  There are many botanicals that support the body and in varying ways.  See below for a short list.

Product Name Product Notes
Anti-parasitic Black Walnut, Clove, Wormwood
Bone Support Comfrey, horsetail, nettle
Internal Toner Burdock, dandelion
Pain Support Willow bark, mint, feverfew, St. John’s wort, lavender…
Immune Building Oregon grape, Pau D’arco, echinacea, elderberry…
Sinus Aid Horseradish, garlic, cayenne…


The information and products in this catalogue have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or to make any claims. This is for education purposes only!

Keep all herbal products out of reach of children. When using herbal remedies with children remember to seek professional guidance before use.

Do not use during pregnancy or while nursing without first seeking guidance from your health care provider.

When using pharmaceutical drugs, consult your health care provider before use of herbal products in combination with your pharmaceuticals.  The combination may be contra-indicated.

~Enjoy your products and thank you for supporting our earth-friendly, conscious-raising, small business~ Susie & Nick