NIS (Neurological Integration System)

activebrainYour brain is simply amazing!  It is your body’s primary control center, similar to a circuit breaker in your house.  As long as the breakers are all on, the circuits of electricity are working in all areas of your house.  When a circuit breaker switch shuts off, the lights in your kitchen or bathroom may not work and you have to go to the circuit breaker box to investigate what’s happening to turn the switch back on.  Our bodies are similar.   If something in your brain is short circuited, something in your body isn’t working properly.  When this happens you may experience pain, inflammation, infection, indigestion, allergies, anxiety, low energy…

This work uses muscle testing (kinesiology) to find the circuits that are ‘mis-firing’ and switches them back on so that your brain and body are working together more harmoniously.  The muscle testing reliably discovers where the motor-sensory loop signaling breakdown between the brain and the rest of the body is happening.  A strong muscle going weak while touching specific points of the body, indicates a circuit is ‘mis-firing’.  The circuit is then integrated using a simple method of brain stimulation, thus restoring your brain and body to health and wellness!

Thanks so much for your help today.  I am so impressed with your knowledge and skill.  You have such great compassion, helping others.”

To learn more about this amazing work based on cutting edge neuroscience research or to schedule an appointment email Susie at  Also check out sites of my teachers, Dr. Bentz, Anacortes, WA where I practice NIS in Anacortes, and Dr. Phillips in New Zealand. Don’t forget to come back to this site soon though after you read more!