Labyrinth Keepers & Fairies

Our labyrinth garden is filled with many plant friends and helpers both growing in the garden, as well as those who visit to walk or help in the garden.  The Labyrinth Keepers and Fairies are vital to helping to maintain our beautiful grounds and we are so thankful of all who decide to help in any way.  Keepers are all those who spend time here in our labyrinth garden bringing your energy and prayers.  Labyrinth Fairies are folks who dedicate their time and energy in our healing garden to help maintain its beauty.  During the growing season we host Labyrinth Fairies’ Work Parties twice a month on Friday mornings.  We gather for a few hours, work together beautifying the garden and join together for a healthy lunch and socializing afterwards.  034

Other Labyrinth Keepers & Fairies join for the day to learn about the plants or general gardening or to work in the healing space for a while spontaneously to lend a hand when they see others there working.  All helping hands are welcomed and gratefully appreciated!

If you’d like to know more or have an interest in being a Labyrinth Keeper please email us at:


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