Valerian, Valeriana officinalis

Parts Used: root, flower essence

We first planted valerian in our garden in early summer of 2009, receiving starts from one of our fellow Lopez gardeners.   She and I sat together on either side of the garden sharing our stories of valerian with many smiles, as we planted that day.  Since then, valerian has been extremely happy in our garden, growing taller than I’d ever imagined, many stalks standing 12’-15’ tall.  The beautiful tall stalks are topped with their strangely sweet-smelling pinkish-white clusters of flowers with five petals.

Uses: Valerian is known for its sedative and nervine properties, assisting folks in nervous and sleep conditions.  Valerian calms the nerves without the side effects of pharmaceuticals and has historically been used for emotional stress and pain.  This herb can be used to decrease anxiety, aggression and insomnia.  It is also a good source of calcium and magnesium.  Valerian can help relieve intestinal and menstrual cramps as well as helps to relieve stress.

Valerian is a wonderful ally to have nearby.  Her tall stalks tower over our labyrinth garden ‘calling’ you over to notice her beauty.  She invites you to dance with the wind and sing your joyful song.

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