Herb Garden

Walk Whispers of Nature’s labyrinth healing garden and surround yourself with medicinal herbs and flowers within a seven-circuit labyrinth pathway.  As you walk  notice your senses and the present moment.

What is in the garden? The garden spaces are filled with Angelica, calendula, Echinacea, lavender, valerian, marshmallow, CA Poppy, and other medicinal herbs and flowers.   These plants create a natural habitat for butterflies, bees and other beneficial insects to enjoy as well as us who visit the garden.

How are the plants used? Whispers of Nature harvests, dries, tinctures, and infuses the plants creating various herbal tinctures and salves for healing purposes.  Herbal products are available at the Farmer’s Market during the summer, on Lopez Island at Blossom Organic Grocery, Lopez Island Pharmacy, South End General Store and Village Arts; on Orcas Island at Smith & Speed Mercantile and Eclipse Charters; on San Juan Island at the San Juan Island Food CoOp, and Island Studio; and on mainland in Mt. Vernon at Skagit Valley Food Coop.  You may also purchase products online.

Enjoy your walk. As you walk the labyrinth healing garden notice the scents of aromatic herbs, the display colors in the plants, the sounds of the surrounding birds and close by sheep.  Allow yourself to experience the garden fully.

Our mission is to offer opportunities to balance health, wellbeing and healing through ancient, conscious-raising,   earth-friendly experiences.

P8030225-300We are committed to growing herbs and plants using organic, earth-friendly, sustainable practices and providing medicinal herbal remedies and healing practices used by ancient traditions.

Our intention is to support an interconnected system where fulfilling human potential is realized.garden,summer,lg