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Island’s Weekly Article, June 2009Labyrinth Healing Garden Opening on July 3rd

Mosquito Repellent in the Seattle Times by Eco Chic

Special Edition to National Geographic including yours truly!

Whispers of Nature, youtube

 Link into this dropbox folder for a summer day in our labyrinth.  (Thanks Ross!)  

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  1. Rachael Rutter says:


    I ordered your sensitivity salve on September 11th, but it still has not come in the mail. I just wanted to check and see if it is on its way?

    Thank you
    530 305 1127

  2. Cynthia Dilling says:

    Susie: Your website looks great! I just explored the “Big Cartel” part of it. Inspiring. Maybe we can do this! Great to talk with you today.

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