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Contact Us: Susie and Nick Teague:
Lopez Island, WA

Our philosophy is one of mutual respect and honor for all.  The desire to live with feelings of joy, heart and soul is deep within each of us.  We believe in connecting with our internal wisdom and listening which enables us to feel good for ourselves, our family, community and planet.

Our ways of practice offer opportunities for folks to balance health & well-being  through ancient, conscious-raising, earth-friendly experiences. In the spirit of sharing we offer a seven-circuit labyrinth for friends, families, and communities.cherryblossom2

We are committed to growing herbs and plants on Lopez Island, WA using organic, earth-friendly, sustainable practices.

Our farm practices are one with the earth.   We grow, harvest, and process herbs with the utmost respect for each plant.  After each growing season the soil is replenished with our own compost using various local sources, including grass clippings, our goats’ manure, seaweeds, and other organic matter.   Some of plants used for our products aren’t grown in our lovely labyrinth.  They are plentiful in the wild, so we ethically wild-craft from the islands.  Herbal plants have been used for varying conditions for thousands of years.  We gratefully share our knowledge and passion with each of you and wish for you love, peace, joy and harmony from from Whispers of Nature.

~Our intention is to support an interconnected system where fulfilling human potential is realized~

Nick,SusieWhispers of Nature, LLC, was founded in 2006, by Susie and Nick Teague after moving to Lopez Island, WA.  They chose to move away from mainland “America” and to change their lifestyle, creating a more simplistic way of living for themselves.

Susie’s passion has always been to help others to feel better. From the time she can remember as a child, she wanted to be a “doctor”.  She als0 felt connections in her grandma’s backyard garden as she dug deep in the soil and connected with the earth, which sparked her interest in plants and herbs.  Susie holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree in Therapeutic Recreation and has been in the helping profession in various capacities for 20 years.  In 2015 she chose the fast track of studying with Dr. Bentz and Dr. Phillips to be a Proficient Academy Member for Neurological System Integration (NIS).  She is in her second year of practice as an NIS Practitioner, and also practices as a Master Reiki Practitioner.

Nick’s passion is for life itself!  He demonstrates love and light in everything he chooses to endeavor.  He shows a deep respect to all of humanity.  Motivating others to achieve to their fullest potential is the force behind his light.  Nick’s childhood memory of a park ranger in uniform deep in the forest talking with him and his family influenced him in pursuing his career.  Nick holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Outdoor Recreation.  He is a “Leave No Trace” Expert and a Reiki Practitioner.  Most of his adult experience has been working in forests and wilderness, bringing children, youth, adults and elders opportunities for learning, experiencing, and working in nature.