2017 Intentions

Dreams and hopes for your life begin with intention. There is co-creative power behind intention.  In the New Year, many decide on resolutions or setting intentions. One is not necessarily better than the other. Resolutions are oftentimes related to goals about beginning or stopping certain habits. Intentions connect you to deeper parts of yourself – your soul, heart, brain waves of deeper states of consciousness… Both new years resolutions and intentions ask you to take some form of action, after these are set.

Setting soul, heartfelt intentions involves trust; the process engages you, and more than you. When an intention is set, you are offering your intention to what is larger than you alone, the Universe.

Giving up some control is necessary for this co-creative process. Living with uncertainty is challenging and is part of the process. Once the intention is set the wheels of motion begin to spin on behalf of you. You never really know how life will align, who will be important to you, where you will go, what you will do, when you set an intention. Confidence, that all will work out and that you are in co-creation, and that you cannot be in charge of every finite detail, is helpful.

Setting intentions is similar to setting goals, yet different. When I set goals, I think ‘specific, measurable goals with timelines’. Goals are more linear, like working out 3-4 times per week to become more healthy and fit. Intentions are more circular, one might say. Intentions can align us with our purpose and are easier to set after connecting with that deeper state of conscious self, such as during a quiet labyrinth walk, meditation, a thoughtful prayer, or other way of quieting your mind and opening the rest of your body and spirit to deep relaxation, listening and knowing.

When allowing this deep relaxation state to arise, you are more present to what you most desire, what fuels you, what you’re most passionate about.

Give yourself time to do this, if you so choose. First, clear your mind. Take a quiet labyrinth walk or sit quietly in meditation or prayer. Quietly ask yourself: “What do I most wish for myself, my family, my….”. Work towards being as clear as possible. You may want to write down what comes to you.

Allow yourself to be in higher brain consciousness.  Listen to what comes. Your emotions may come up. Recognize what feels good to you when you think of it, what feels supportive and loving?   If you are unclear of what intention(s) you want to set, do not fret. Life is a process, which requires time.

Choose positive wording for your intention(s). After setting your intention(s), release them out into the universe and know that a larger consciousness is helping you. This is a personal matter, so be gentle with yourself and if you decide to share with others, share with those who will support you and bring positive thoughts with and for you. Trust that right timing will happen.

Use your intention(s) as a launch pad to help you begin manifesting and taking action towards what you most deeply desire.  Create action each day that leaps you forward towards intention.

Many Blessings on your Intentional Journey!

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