New Years Goals & Intentions

Happy New Year! This time of year is perfect for looking ahead into the year, planning ahead, visioning for the future, be it work, school, family, relationships, health, etc…looking ahead, and setting goals and/or intentions. Looking back at the year, or if another time of year, a life transition, seasonal change, etc…reflecting on what has happened and what you’d like to happen can be powerful.

Take a moment to look back at a period in the recent time in life, either this year, this life period, or what seems to fit for you right now. What has happened in your life during this period? How have your relationships suited you? What emotions arise when you think of your relationships? Are there changes that you’d like to see in your life? Are there things you’d like to do differently?

Give yourself some time to reflect and allow what is in your mind and heart to arise. Do you feel clear about your life? What would bring you more joy, more harmony, more life?

Goals are a little different than Intentions. Goals are more measurable, concrete with objectives, steps, milestones and timelines that you follow and can check off of your list once they are achieved. Sounds familiar right? Our minds love these because we can brainstorm, problem-solve and prioritize our goals and begin to attain them. We can see the results in action.

Intentions are similar to goals except they are more heart-centered. Intention outcomes may not be as specific but more related to a way of being. For example “I want my life to be filled with love and passion”, “I want more meaningful relationships”. The outcome of intentions may end up being much different than you had ever imagined, so trust is a factor when setting them.

Here are a few tips to set intentions:

Clear your mind. You may do this by having a quiet labyrinth walk or sitting quietly in meditation or prayer. Quietly ask yourself: “What do I want”? Work towards being as clear as possible.

Listen to your heart. Your emotions may come up. Recognize what feels good to you when you think of it, what fills supportive and loving?

When you’re ready, set your intentions out into the world. One way to do this is through stating them aloud in a labyrinth. Another way may be simple through a prayer, and/or write them down. This gives them energy to move forward out into the universe.

Trust your process with the universe.   This can be the most challenging part. Fear can easily set into your body, and your mind can easily take over your heart and diminish your deepest wants for your life.

Blessings on your intentional journey!

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