Time is of the essence.  Many of us are consciously becoming more aware, whether this is intentional or through our own daily lives as we are inspired by others or something we see in nature.  We are transitioning into new realms of dimension, to a place where we are listening to our hearts more.  We are listening to ourselves more deeply and releasing old thought patterns when we allow ourselves this opportunity.

Now is the time to release our old patterns, our old belief systems that no longer serve us, for ourselves, our families, communities and ultimately for all of life.  Whether we want change or not, change is inevitable and will continue.  Change lends itself to lots of chaos at times.  Ironically, amidst the chaos is when some of the greatest change can happen.

As we look at our material world today, just even a snapshot of our life, we can see how chaotic life is.  If we look globally, turmoil is even more present.

‘Releasing’ is upon us now, cosmically, spiritually and evolutionarily speaking.  It is time to release those negative thoughts in our minds, those second guesses that we find arising when we think of a new creative idea, those words that others tell us that we know deep in our hearts are not true for us…

Our mass media and consciousness has in place a system of conformity, disempowering us to listen to our own values and beliefs.  Our culture has become one of economic prosperity and material values versus us using our own internal value systems.  Many of our decisions are around how much money we have or need, rather than “Does this really resonate with what brings my heart peace” or “Is this something that is for the benefit all”?

The night of our new moon and recent eclipse I had a dream of physically purging.  I was vomiting out grey matter effortlessly, endlessly.  After what seemed like hours in my dream, the vomiting stopped as quickly as it began and there was a huge celebration.  In the morning I realized that I was genuinely releasing energy out of my body that is no longer needed.

This morning I shared my dream with another and she said that she has been feeling this in her body for awhile now, but didn’t quite have the words for it until I shared this dream. When I shared my dream with the woman she said “Thank you, I needed to hear this today”.  I do not believe in coincidence but rather synchronicity.

Have you been having dreams or feelings of release in your body or your actions?  A few folks this week shared with me that their nighttime dreams have been really vivid.  Others are making big life changes, just as I am currently doing.  In one way or another, many of us are feeling the effects of this releasing energy in our cosmos right now.

Let’s release together intentionally, release the old, clear space, to make room for the new, the creative.  Release our doubts, our negative thoughts, our old patterns, what others tell us is ‘right’.  Invite fresh ideas that come to us in our dreams or daytime moments when we drift away from the ‘rat race’, if for only a brief moment.  Allow those ingenious ideas to surface and manifest.  The time for us is now, the present!

Release, empty and re-create!




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